Is it legal to sell Specialty Blends products with only a beer and wine license?
Yes, the legal restriction on a beer and wine license (BG license in TX), is that the products must be primarily fermented and not distilled. The wines must not exceed 20%, 17% or 14% alcohol by volume, depending on your state’s maximum alcohol requirement. Specialty Blends products come in both 17% and 14% alcohol.
How do I promote Specialty Blends products in my bar/restaurant?
Specialty Blends provides table tents at no charge. List the cocktails in your regular menu, create a special bar menu, and have the hostesses or waiters offer a cocktail as the customer is being seated. Offer daily drink specials as a way to experiment with new cocktail recipes.
How do I make a cocktail using Specialty Blends?
Any traditional cocktail recipe can be used to make a Specialty Blends cocktail. The only difference is that you double-up on the alcohol portion. For example, if your recipe calls for 1 oz. of tequila, use 2 oz. of Barajas (or Dos Locos), and reduce the amount of water to achieve the same alcohol by volume in the drink. Our website features many recipes for you to try.
How much Specialty Blends wine can I put in a drink?
The law does not specify the quantity you can serve. To calculate the alcohol content of your cocktail: multiply the number of ounces of alcohol used times the alcohol percent (17% for mos of SB wines), then divide that number by the total number of ounces in your finished drink. For example: 4 ounces of wine times .17 = .68; if your finished drink is 8 ounces, divide .68 by 8, and your drink is 8.5% alcohol. As a point of reference, most beers are about 5%, table wines are around 12%, and many cocktails are around 8 or 9%.
What kind of drinks can I make with Specialty Blends?
Specialty Blends products will allow you to mix most popular cocktails – margaritas, cosmopolitans, daiquiris, piƱa coladas, Bloody Marys, screwdrivers, mai tais, kamikazes, and sex on the beach. Our Infusions make mojitos, White Russians, Fuzzy Navels, spiked lemonades and teas, Appletinis, jello shots, and more.
What mixers do you recommend for use with Specialty Blends products?
Any mixer will work, but we recommend you account for the additional liquid (twice as much wine as spirits) by reducing the amount of water called for in the traditional recipe. Use the highest-quality mixer possible, as this is really what affects the taste the most. Concentrated fruit juices work very well, and can be stored in the freezer for longer shelf life. Our powdered mixers have been specially formulated to work with our wines to produce great tasting cocktails.
Can I serve it straight?
We do not recommend serving our hard liquor flavors straight, although some customers have had success with it. A drinker of straight liquor will not get the alcohol bite they expect from a shot. Specialty Blends is excellent in mixed drinks, and we suggest that you invite your customers to sample a cocktail. The Infusions are perfect for shots – straight up or mixed with Jello.
What do I tell me customers I am serving?
You are serving a Specialty Blends cocktail. You may also give the alcohol content of your drink if asked – you’ll need to calculate the alcohol by volume according to your specific recipe.
What is the difference between Specialty Blends wine and regular liquor?
Regular liquor is a distilled alcohol, or a spirit, and is not legal to serve with a wine license regardless of the alcohol by volume. Specialty Blends products are fermented, and are classified as vinous (wine).
Do I need any special equipment to make a frozen cocktail?
A bar blender and ice with the right mix and recipe is all you need to get started. It’s very important to use a concentrated drink mix that is designed for use with win, since adding wine and ice in a blender will significantly dilute the flavor. We’ve had the best results using powdered mixers, and have several great flavors and tested recipes for you to try. A frozen drink machine is not necessary until your frozen drink sales reach the point where a blender won’t keep up.
How many different drinks should I start with?
We recommend that you start by featuring a one standard, popular cocktail like the margarita, and a different daily drink special. Serve them in the appropriate glassware and garnish with fresh fruit, paper umbrellas, or colorful stir sticks to grab attention. Get your customers used to having cocktails available in your establishment, and then expand your drink menu.
How do I set up an account?
It’s easy! Just calll us at toll free (512) 858-7414. All we need is billing, shipping, and payment information and your (Texas BG) license number.
How do I get my product?
We ship all orders within 24 hours (excluding weekends and shipping holidays). Small orders (one to nine cases) are shipped via UPS Ground. Orders of 10 cases or more are shipped on a freight carrier.
How long does it take before I recieve my product?
Since our turnaround time is so quick, most of our customers (in Texas) receive their order the next business day, others within two business days.
Who is my distributor?

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